The Most Popular Professions in Indonesia

The Most Popular Professions in Indonesia, College student in Indonesia surely want to have their dream job after they graduate. Most of them had already planned about their goals in the first time they start college until graduation time. But from what I’ve seen, most of them almost have the same dreams, I think it’s because the progress of modernization and globalization in Indonesia affect the young people to take higher education after they graduate high school, so most of them looking for a fit job in the future which means has to match with their major education in college or to be simple, their profession. Like law student for example, most of them wanted to be a lawyer and notary. Based on that fact, I can take a conclusion that the most popular profession in Indonesia are…

The Most Popular Professions in Indonesia

The first one is absolutely Doctor.


Since a long time ago ‘till now, be a doctor is like a pride according to our parents and  society. Beside being a doctor is really hard and difficult from its passing test ‘till you become a doctor, being a doctor is also noble profession because it’s all about helping people’s life. So that’s why being a Doctor is one of the most popular profession in Indonesia. Because doctor is very needed in life. Every medical faculty student don’t have to be worry about being jobless, because their education has already guarantee their good life in the future.

The second one is Lawyer.


Ever since the faculty of law in Indonesia established, most of the law student wanted to be a lawyer. Because, Indonesia is a state of law, so law is like the highest commander in this country. Every law profession is very needed in this country like notary, advocate, judges, prosecutor, and other law profession especially lawyer to give the people and society legal certainty for every act that may cause legal consequences.

The third one is Journalist.


Journalist is like a spearhead of every media in Indonesia. Their challenge is to find an exclusive news to be the first news in media, so the duty of journalist is huge, because they expected to be faster to get a news and the accuracy of the news itself has to be accurate. That’s why being a journalist is challenging and also fun, even they always being chased by the deadline, the salary of journalist is high. So that’s why this profession is one of the popular profession in Indonesia.

The forth one is Marketing.

The Most Popular Professions in Indonesia

Marketing is also one of the popular profession in Indonesia because be a marketing is not stagnant, for the marketing people they could increase their income if they could reach the company targets. Beside that, being a marketing is flexibel, they are not only stay in the office to partnering or get customers but they can go outside to meet with some people from different company and do the market. The salary of marketing could be higher than any other staff like administration, accounting, auditor, or finance because they could have a big comission if they can reach the targets.

The last one is Civil Servant.

Civil Servant

According to me, Civil Servant is the most popular and most wanted profession in Indonesia, because I can say that being a civil servant is very guaranteed. Civil servant will get enough salary and any other annuity also pension fund. Every year, the government will open the recruitment of civil servant, and Indonesian people start to compete each other to be a civil servant. As we know, civil servant contains of various category start from IA category ‘till IVE category. With those career steps which classified into categories, make a civil servant profession is to die for. Do you agree that The Most Popular Professions in Indonesia ? speak out please :-)

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It’s Harlem Shake!

The world now mesmerized by the Harlem Shake crazy dance. In television, internet, radio, and all over the world, people talk about this kind of dance.

So, that’s why every people must know about this kind of phenomenon because it’s like every people in over the world did the Harlem Shake dance then they uploaded it to the in purpose. So, everyone could see the various themes or styles in the video when another people do the Harlem Shake.

It’s Harlem Shake!

It's Harlem Shake!

For the readers who have no idea about how this dance goes like. Well, this dance shows a person dance by his/her self in the beginning of the video, mostly they are using helmet, mask, or anything that could cover their face while they do the dance.

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The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day on February 14th 2013. I know some people in Indonesia might celebrated this Valentine’s day because they think Valentine’s Day is a right day to share the love to each other, express their love to their lover, and maybe the chance to treat their couple romantically.

But there are some other people in Indonesia who even doesn’t care about the existence of Valentine’s Day because they think Valentine’s Day is just a west tradition that they don’t have to follow.

Well, for the people who’d love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, do you know where this Valentine’s Day came from and what’s the history behind of it? Well, let’s find out…

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

The Story Behind Valentine's DayThere are so many versions of Valentine’s Day history , but generally most people know about one history that related to the emersion of Valentine’s Day.

In a long time ago, Roman peoples celebrated a big day every February 15th called Lupercalia. Lupercalia is a purification ceremony on February 13th until 18th in ancient Roman times.

The first two days were used to devoted to the God of Love, Juno Februata. On February 14th, there’s a tradition where the boys pick up one name of the girls in town from a glass box.

The name of a girl who has been chosen should be his couple for a year just for having fun, but there are some couples who finally fell in love with each other for real and then they made it to the wedding. On February 15th, the boys will prod their couple with animal skin, it believed will increase the fertility for the girls.

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Balinese Exotic Drinks

We would like to share some popular drinks from Bali,yeah we called it Balinese Exotic Drinks, Here are the Balinese Drinks, the taste is very fantastic ! Check it out below the Balinese exotic drinks:

Balinese Exotic Drinks

  • Arak Bali

Balinese Exotic DrinksThe number one of balinese exotic drinks is Arak, Arak is an alcohol drink fermented by coconut water and other fruits, it could be made from rice or glutinous rice through a process called ‘pentapean’.

Arak is similar with palm wine, and it contents 37-50% alcohol. In Bali, arak is kind of a drink which use for serving together with brem and palm wine on ritual ceremony.

On ritual ceremony in order to honor the god, arak will be poured on banana leaves and then arak will also be splashed to the people through the flower.

We know that the production of liquor already banned in Indonesia but in Bali, arak become one of the gift for every tourist who come to Bali.

Beside its function to be used for ritual ceremony, arak Bali is also can be a warmer to relieve itching.

  • Brem

Brem_Bali_kecil_4994bca8c3ccfthe second of balinese exotic drinks is brem, Brem is a Balinese drink made from glutinous rice or glutinous black rice fermented with tape yeast.

At the beginning, brem is a part of ritual ceremony in Bali, but now brem become a welcome drink for the guest or tourist or even a souvenir to bring home.

Another privilege of brem Bali is brem Bali uses natural ingredient. Sine 1976, the making process of brem didn’t use preservatives or dyes in order to keep the taste.

The tourists love brem Bali especially tourist from Japan, China, and other tourist from European countries. And then the third number is

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Balinese Tasty Food

Here are some Balinese Tasty Food, you have to try guys !

Balinese Tasty Food

  • Betutu Chicken

Balinese Tasty Food Betutu chicken is Bali original cuisine from Gianyar. But people can also find Betutu chicken in any restaurants at Ubud or Denpasar easily.

Before you enjoy the deliciousness of Betutu chicken, better if you order the chicken a day before you come to the restaurant, because the making process of Betutu chicken needs more time.

The taste of Betutu chicken is very unique because the taste of Balinese spices in the chicken are very unexplainable.

The chef eviscerate the chicken and replace it with the spices and vegetables, then steamed it. Guarantee, the people who had tasted Betutu chicken will come back again and addict to it because it’s very tasty. Yes, this is the number one of balinese tasty food :-)

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The Most Favorite Tour Places in Bali

We are going to share some favorite places in Bali, you have to visit this if you will take vacation there.

The Most Favorite Tour Places in Bali

  • Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot located in Beraban Village (about 45 minutes from Kuta), in Tanah Lot there are two temples which located on a big rock. Tanah Lot’s temple is a temple in the middle of the beach, the place to worship the god of sea guardian.

At low tide, then the sea level is not more than our knee, we can still cross the sea and reach the temple. This place is highly recommended by every tour guide in Bali if the tourists want to see sunset, so it’s better if the people come to Tanah Lot when the sun will goes down.

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Bali Island’s History

Bali Island's HistoryBali Island’s History: Many foreign people talk about Bali because its wonderful beach and scenery. And also they said that Bali is a right place to spend the holiday, because there are so many destination tours with unique traditions inside of it in Bali.

But unfortunately, some of the foreign people or tourist who have been to Bali haven’t realized that Bali is a part of Indonesia. They thought that Bali is a country, not a province in Indonesia. So, to prevent the nescience about it, the article in this time is about the history of Bali island.

Bali Island’s History

The first man that came to Bali was a person who migrated from Asia in 3000-2500 BC. But the first European men who successfully found Bali was Cornelis de Houtman from Holland in 1957. Bali culture had strong influences from India, it can be seen from the most religion in there which is Hindu and also the form of temples in there.

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