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The Most Popular Professions in Indonesia

The Most Popular Professions in Indonesia, College student in Indonesia surely want to have their dream job after they graduate. Most of them had already planned about their goals in the first time they start college until graduation time. But from what I’ve seen, most of them almost have the same dreams, I think it’s […]

It’s Harlem Shake!

The world now mesmerized by the Harlem Shake crazy dance. In television, internet, radio, and all over the world, people talk about this kind of dance. So, that’s why every people must know about this kind of phenomenon because it’s like every people in over the world did the Harlem Shake dance then they uploaded […]

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day on February 14th 2013. I know some people in Indonesia might celebrated this Valentine’s day because they think Valentine’s Day is a right day to share the love to each other, express their love to their lover, and maybe the chance to treat their couple romantically. But there are some other people […]

Balinese Exotic Drinks

We would like to share some popular drinks from Bali,yeah we called it Balinese Exotic Drinks, Here are the Balinese Drinks, the taste is very fantastic ! Check it out below the Balinese exotic drinks: Arak Bali Arak is an alcohol drink fermented by coconut water and other fruits, it could be made from rice […]

Balinese Tasty Food

Here are some Balinese Tasty Food, you have to try guys ! Betutu Chicken Betutu chicken is Bali original cuisine from Gianyar. But people can also find Betutu chicken in any restaurants at Ubud or Denpasar easily. Before you enjoy the deliciousness of Betutu chicken, better if you order the chicken a day before you […]

The Most Favorite Tour Places in Bali

The Most Favorite Tour Places in Bali Tanah Lot Tanah Lot located in Beraban Village (about 45 minutes from Kuta), in Tanah Lot there are two temples which located on a big rock. Tanah Lot’s temple is a temple in the middle of the beach, the place to worship the god of sea guardian. At […]

Bali Island’s History

Many foreign people talk about Bali because its wonderful beach and scenery. And also they said that Bali is a right place to spend the holiday, because there are so many destination tours with unique traditions inside of it in Bali. But unfortunately, some of the foreign people or tourist who have been to Bali […]

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