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MoU VS Agreement

Sometimes, people in Indonesia cannot distinguish the difference between the function of MoU and Agreement, so that’s why there are some people who misuse both of the paper. Some of them think that MoU (stands for Memorandum of Understanding) can be used for a long term contract and has a strength legal binding. Some of […]

Balinese Day of Silence

Two days ago, 12 of March 2013 is a Balinese ‘Day of Silence’ named Nyepi which commemorated every Saka New Year or Isaawarsa as Hindu people called it. This day falls in Tilem Kesanga quantification which believed as a day of Gods sanctification in center of the ocean, so that’s why Hindu people also do […]

Lunar Traditions

Check it out below the lunar traditions : Lion Dance/Barongsai Show When chinese new year is coming, there are so many Barongsai show in the mall, you may have seen one of the Barongsai attraction which is so incredible. Barongsai attraction is a must do tradition when lunar new year’s coming as a prosperity symbol. […]

Gong Xi Fat Choi!

Gong Xi Fat Choi! It means Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese new year is the most important day for chinese people, it also known as Spring Festival. Outside the mainland of China, Chinese New Year known as Lunar New Year. Lunar means Month Calendar, and it celebrated from 1st until 15th day in a 1st […]

The Intriguing Kecak Dance

There’s a special traditional dance from Bali which is very famous and intriguing, it’s Kecak Dance. Kecak dance is Bali original show which only played by men, created in 1930 by Wayan Limbak cooperate with German painter, Walter Spies. Dozens of men dancer sit in a circle then with a rhythm they will shout and […]

Balinese Exotic Drinks

We would like to share some popular drinks from Bali,yeah we called it Balinese Exotic Drinks, Here are the Balinese Drinks, the taste is very fantastic ! Check it out below the Balinese exotic drinks: Arak Bali Arak is an alcohol drink fermented by coconut water and other fruits, it could be made from rice […]

Balinese Tasty Food

Here are some Balinese Tasty Food, you have to try guys ! Betutu Chicken Betutu chicken is Bali original cuisine from Gianyar. But people can also find Betutu chicken in any restaurants at Ubud or Denpasar easily. Before you enjoy the deliciousness of Betutu chicken, better if you order the chicken a day before you […]

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