The Cervical Cancer, Number One Killer of Woman in The World

In everyday, there are 40 women diagnosed of cervical cancer and 20 women died because of it. Cervical cancer is a number one killer of the women in Indonesia. The malignancy of cervical cancer is depend on its factors. The first one is because of the malignancy of cervical cancer itself and the second is there are some women haven’t understand about the symptoms of cervical cancer or the signs of its arise. Before we go to the symptoms of cervical cancer, better if we understand about the cervical cancer itself.

Cervical cancer is a cancer that attacks front organ of uterus or transition place between uterus and vagina. The cause of cervical cancer is a virus which known as Human Papiloma Virus (HPV). This virus is a main cause of this cancer, about 99% of cervical cancer victims caused by this kind of virus. The HPV has small shape with the 55mm diameters. Even though it’s small, HPV is very dangerous because it could struggle even someone try to paralyzed it with the immune system. Then this struggle virus stays and be the cause of cervical cancer. HPV infection could happens when there’s a genital contact through sex. Beside that, the arising of HPV is very susceptible to a smoking woman, people who like to have a multiple sexual partners, and people who got married in a very young age.

HPV type 16 and 18 is the most common factors of the women’s death. This virus could easily moves and spreads not only through the fluid but it can be transferred by skin touching. Beside that, the using of public toilet that already affected by this virus could infected a person who used it if the janitor doesn’t clean it properly. The lack intake of vitamin C and E also the folic acid could be the factor of cervical cancer. Another factor of the cervical cancer, there’s a descendant of cancer in the family and the use of birth control pills in a long term.


Cervical cancer needs a long term process about 10 until 20 years to be a real cancer which at the first it’s only an infection. In the first stadium of cervical cancer, there’s no obvious symptoms whether a woman already attacked by the cancer or not. But, in the next development, the symptoms are beginning to be felt. The symptoms are like pain in the hip frequently, difficult to urinate, the whitish mixed with blood, and bleeding in a vital organ.

To prevent the cervical cancer, the best way is to maintain a healthy sexual behavior, and have to actively check up to the doctor. Beside that, doing the vaccination anti-cervical cancer is a must do to every women. In a contrary, for those who already infected by cervical cancer, go immediately to the doctor or do the alternative cervical cancer treatment. Medical treatment usually will do by a level stage of cervical cancer, usually the medical treatment is like surgery with hysterectomy, do the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. While the alternative treatment of cervical cancer is like consuming the anti-cervical cancer herbal pills which has a power to eradicate the cervical cancer or ward it so it won’t happen again.



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