Radio Microwave Link for Nera Evolution Series

Type approval certification products of Radio Microwave Link for Nera Evolution Series 11 GHz dan 23 GHz already completed in Indonesia. Type approval certificates for Evolution series ( 11GHz and 23GHz ) have been issued in November 24, 2010.

Nara’s Evolution Series Microwave radio platform, offering native IP/Eternet transport combine with TDM capabilities, is a cost-effective solution providing seamles and gradual migration to an all IP network.

Microwave Radio Nera Evolution Series

Nera Evolution Series is built around a software defined core which enables a wide range of radio application, based on one common platform. The high level of flexibility, both in terms of bandwidth and system configurations, allows operators to scale the Microwave radio as their networks evolves.

To be sure that the certificate holder for Radio Microwave Link Nera Evolution Series 11GHz dan 23GHz is PT.Nera Indonesia.

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